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Destination Based Sales Tax – Virtuemart doesn’t support it!

While I appreciate all of the work the guys at Virtuemart have done over the years, their shopping cart product still does not support one the Internets most recent must have items – Destination-based sales tax based on local zip code + 4.  I have been working on a website for a company in Washington using Joomla 1.5.x and Virtuemart 1.1.x.  Unfortunately I was almost finished the site, just for a new law to go into affect, which affects many States now, and that is the new Destination-based sales tax law.  This has thrown a major glitch into our time lines and development.  Now my company has taken a huge financial hit because Virtuemart does not support this, nor do they seem interested in building this feature into the site any time soon.  There isn’t much help or any relevant contributions in the Virtuemart forums either.  There have been a few suggestions for older versions of Joomla/Virtuemart and you can find one here: http://forum.virtuemart.net/index.php?topic=22809.0, however nothing real solid for newer versions.  This post is just an FYI for anyone looking to use Virtuemart, as they don’t support this extremely important feature.


Joomla 1.5 Stable, and VirtueMart 1.1 Stable both Released Recently

Over the last couple of months Joomla released a stable version of thier 1.5 CMS platform, and VirtueMart released a Version 1.1.0 Stable platform to support the newer Joomla CMS. This combination is truly a blessing.  However these releases are fairly new, and I am still finding small bugs, and seemingly obvious configuration setting that aren’t there. While this combination is great, don’t expect to get your site running overnight. 

osCommerce 2.2 and Authorize.net setup

Today I worked on setting up Authorize.net and osCommerce on one of the cell phone websites I have been working on.  I ran into many problems with the default Authorize.net module.  My final conclusion was that I was going to have to look for a better contribution. 

During my initial tests using the default Authorize.net module, I was able to submit transactions to the authorize.net account which were processed in test mode, however the user was returned to the home page of our site, asking them to log in again or create an account.  When we logged in again, thier shopping cart still had the product in there, and on the osCommerce side it looked like the actual order never took place. 

I searched high and low for answers.  Suprisingly there weren’t many on the web. I am currently testing this contribution ( Authorize Net AIM module (GPL) )

osCommerce Using Search Engine Safe / Friendly URL’s

I am currently working with oscommerce 2.2 and have search engine safe url’s set to false.  But also have “force cookie use” to true, and feel comfortable that all of our unlocked phone product pages are being indexed by the main 3 search engines.  I have only checked google, yahoo, and msn thus far.  

There is one issue I have found so far, setting up cookies / sessions in this way does not allow you to use the default authorize.net module.  Something to do with session information not being passed.  Not that big of deal I guess, since the default module doesn’t have form field for the CVV code for credit cards transactions, which is a necessity these days.   I am currently testing this contribution ( Authorize Net AIM module (GPL) )
and getting better results.  At least now I’m getting orders processed on both sites, ours, and authorize.net’s and customers getting returned to the appropriate page…More to test though….

Be sure to fix up your meta tags for the search engines too!