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Does Today’s 4-24-12 Google Algorithm Changes Need Fixing?

I have no idea if anyone is even subscribed to this blog anymore – it has been about 3 years since my last entry. But, with today’s (4/24/12) seemingly shoddy Google algorithm changes, I just had to test it out.

The main reason is because with the recent Google search update, many extremely low-quality blogs  are now ranking at the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) effortlessly. So I wanted to see how blogs do too.

I’m wondering if perhaps they’re are getting a good, undeserved boost from Blogspot’s domain authority, and if Google hard-coded the algorithm similar to the way they did with Youtube last year.

Or if something else is going on.

Other than the fact that is Google property( also known as, WordPress and Blogspot are third-party weblog platforms that allow users to create their own blog as a subdomain.

I wouldn’t think Google would pass along much, if any, domain authority from the root domain to each individual subdomain; but by looking at the boost Blogspot blogs seemed to get across the board today, it would seem something like that happened.

What do you think about today’s major algo change?

Notice many terribly undeserved ranking increases and decreases like I have?


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Google Page Rank Update Today ? – Noticeable Changes Since 9/28/06

10-4-06 I haven’t had much time to blog lately.  I’ve been doing a lot of work on some cell phone sites.  There has been some noticeable changes showing Googles toolbar PageRank button since my last entry on 9-28-06.    I have also found a site, that thoroughly explains the Google Page Rank system, and tracks this information as well.  I will refer to there from here on out.  Here is the link to that site: