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This is My Final Blog Post Here!

Well, I have started so many blogs over the years. Some last a few months and some a few years. I think this was my very first blog. It was fun, but not necessary anymore. I’m now mostly blogging about SEO at

This blog still gets some search traffic and does have answers to some important questions, so I’ll still check in from time to time, and respond to comments when I can. Beyond that I will no longer be doing new blog posts. Thanks for following, and I hope you’ll continue to follow me over at


Real Estate Blogathon – 101 Blogs In 24 Hours

Are they crazy or is it just me?  Article brief with link to full story below.

select a stock to trade

Who will win the 24 hr blogathan?
Moreinfo Greg Swann   $73.80 $15.96
Moreinfo Ardell Dellaloggia   $26.20 $-15.96

market description

Taking up the challenge posed by Sellsius Real Estate, Greg the Phoenix Bloodhound takes on Ardell the Prolific Seattle Blogger in a race to see who can produce 101 cogent blog posts in a 24 hr period, beginning at 12:01am Tuesday Sep 26 and ending at midnight the same day.

Live coverage provided by Sellsius and The Property Monger.

Here’s how this market works:

The “price” of each “stock” – one for Greg and one for Ardell – reflects the market’s current consensus of who will win. The market starts at $50 each—ie. each has a 50% chance of winning…

 Full Article:

Interesting Article: Blogging for dollars

It’s not just a hobby – some small sites are making big money. Here’s how to turn your passion into an online empire.

By Paul Sloan and Paul Kaihla, Business 2.0 Magazine

(Business 2.0) — Michael Arrington is a partying kind of guy. While showing off his home in Atherton, Calif., he boasts about how he crammed 500 people into his one-acre backyard at a bash in February. Then there are the official parties, like the one he threw in mid-August at August Capital, a nearby venture firm. Arrington posted an open invitation on his website at 3 a.m. By sunrise, all 500 spots were taken; the onslaught of traffic crashed his site. “I knew it would be fast,” says Arrington, who houses so many out-of-towners in his ranch home that he often isn’t sure who’s crashing on which mattress on which floor in which room.

Arrington, a 36-year-old entrepreneur behind a long list of unrecognizable startups, has suddenly become one of the rising stars of Silicon Valley. Why? The answer lies in TechCrunch, Arrington’s blog about new technologies and companies. In the year since he launched the site, he has amassed such a strong following that he’s become a go-to person for VCs and tech execs looking to leak corporate tidbits or announce news. More than 1.5 million readers regularly check out his site. But here’s what gives Arrington real distinction: He’s pulling in $60,000 in ad revenue every month. That’s 10 times what the site was making earlier this year, which was when Arrington, convinced of the potentially monstrous riches ahead, quit his day job as president of a startup to blog full-time. ….

Read the full article here:

Establishing Myself Online – My first blog

Well it seems that I really need to learn a little more about blogging, especially if I want to make a name for myself and getting websites that I am working on noticed online.

Some of the websites I am currently working on are: for cell phones with plans, its mirror site, also for cell phones and plans, for cell phones without plans ( Unlocked cell phones) ,  and a Washington real estate community and blog

I wasn’t really sure what to blog about, so I came up with an Idea for this blog.  How about a blog where I give an overview of most of the things I have done to help get my online businesses rolling, as well as a daily log of useful online business related information.   Having it publicly available is kind of my way to give back for all of the help from open source community.  90% of my sites are from free code, templates, CMS, plug-ins etc.  I give many thanks to those donating their time to produce and support these fantastic, free products.  While there are too many contributors to list, I would feel bad if I didn’t at least name a few of the big contributors.  One site is built around a template I got freely from, another built using e-commerce suite, and another using the CMS

When thinking about useful information that myself and others may be able to use, one thought was a running history of google page rank or google pr.  I’m constantly trying to improve my google page rank, but have had to learn the hard way.  One of the things I wonder on a daily basis is if google has made a page rank update or not.  I have not found any other sites that track that information usefully.  So I thought I would at a minimum post in this blog everyday, the name of my sites and their google page rank, and if I’ve noticed a google page rank update.  The thought is  this will help track for patterns the google page rank update system.  Some of the benefits I see; first we’ll see if google does thier PR update at a specific time of year, or after so many months, and when we might be able to expect the next update.  Another benefit I see is that myself and others will be able to track by using this blog, when google made its last update, and its most recent update. Then we can go back and see what things we have done on our websites or for our websites between that time, and how much our google page rank changed and in if it went up or down, etc.   For example, did we do any advertising campaigns, did we do a link exchange campaign or any other promotional type campaigns, or maybe we did some SEO changes to the code of our sites, etc.