Are your affiliate partners not paying you too?

A few years ago I started making money on the web with affiliate sales.  I found a company who was and still is identified as one of the most reputable companies in their business.  I was previously using to track and set up my sales and my store.  About 2 years ago, this company asked me if I would like to work with them directly, and identified all of the benefits of doing so.  I quickly agreed.  Immediately I recognized how valuable this relationship was, and where this business could possibly take me.  

Well after working with them for a year or so I started receiving my payments months behind, then eventually not at all.  Now it is a year and a half later and the company is filing for Bankruptcy protection under chapter 11.  They also filed for a “sale motion” to sell all or most of their assets.  My agreement with this company expired nearly 1 year ago, but my account with them is still set up, and they still send me reports showing the business I have sent them and where they owe me commission.  I know I can increase my sales with this company, however I don’t know when and if I will ever get paid.  I would be happy to start fresh,  but don’t understand how this bankruptcy works, and when I can hold them responsible for what they owe me.  Should I wait to focus my time until the “sale” is final?  If they are protected under chapter 11, does that mean they don’t owe me for anything before the file date, but owe me for everything afterwards?  I really enjoy this business and feel I have become an expert.  I would really like to increase my sales, but I don’t want to waste my time either.  I have not found any of their competitors offering a competitive affiliate program, so changing companies is not likely.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Keep in mind, I have little money to invest in attorney fees.  Thanks.

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