The Importance of Staying on Top of Your Blog for Google

It is interesting to watch some websites I work on(in my spare time), go up and down when being returned in Google’s search results.   Google does say their results are updated frequently, regardless of what the page rank tool might say.  I must agree I have found them to update the most frequently of today’s top 3 search engines, Google, MSN, and Yahoo.  Since many of us can’t afford a huge paid marketing campaign, in my opinion a Blog is best way for us to get quality links and visitors and increased page rank to our web sites. 

Since my full-time position is a REALTOR, I don’t find as much time as I would like to Blog, but when I do, I can definitely see the Google effect usually within a week or two.  Since I am not a writer by nature, probably not a lot of us trying to make something from nothing on the web are, we’d better get practicing if we want to share a place at the top with our competitors.

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