The same story about “content”

I guess it’s common sense, offer valuable content on your website and you’ll get visitors.  I think most of us have tried it, piece some code together, maybe use free development tools and throw a few web pages up.  Then, expect good results.  It’s not impossible, I’ve done it before, but if you intend to remain up high, you’ve got to work.  Make sure you know your product, and offer something your visitors will return for.  Start by cleaning up that code, make sure you’re “search engine friendly”,  and create some good content.  Just like any business, not only do you need first time visitors, but want people to return to do business with you.  The more frequently you get someone to come to you website, whether to buy something or just for information, the more often you will likely do business with that visitor, or someone that visitor referred.  So, how can you get people returning to your site? 

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