SEO – Search Engine Optimization and Breaking Barriers

I feel like I have really learned alot over the last few months in the SEO world and would like to share some things that really helped me. I can’t believe how long it took me to finally learn how to get sites I have worked on anywhere worthwhile in the major search engine results, especially on google. It really took having use of a site that already had a well established page rank before I was able to make a major breakthrough on my more unknown sites. While I still have a long way to go, I really feel like I am gaining the Skills and knowledge to call myself an expert.

I would like to offer three oddball ideas that really helped me learn the most about SEO. I think these recommendations are especially useful if you are having trouble getting your new site recognized by the major search engines, and you have already done the standard recommendations given on most SEO sites.

 Idea 1: Get a personal space on site that already has Internet recognition.   Even a subdomain of a well recognized domain will work.  Start promoting a single page with search terms of your choice.  Make sure you have control over most of the text in the title tag, and Meta description tag.  Start getting incoming links to this page.  Make sure the link anchor text contains the text you are promoting on your page.

Idea 2: Get multiple domains names and try different ideas on different sites.  For two years I was afraid to do certain things to my sites that were supposedly going to hurt my sites search engine rank, and because I only had one domain at the time I was afraid to take any chances.  I now have multiple domains and have learned alot from trying different adjustments on each site.  You need to be able to take chances to see for yourself what works and what doesn’t.

Idea 3:  Use free catolog or other software that has already been written.  Make sure the software you decide to use is from well known site itself, and that they use the same or very similar software to the software they are offering for your use, and make sure they have good Search engine recognition themselves.  If they have good Page rank or (pr) then it is likely that if you fill your site with good content, and get some incoming links, your site will also start to show in the search engine results, for your sites relevant search terms.   Now pick apart the html output code and compare it to what you know.

Lastly, make sure to exercise patience, patience, patience.   You can’t make changes and expect to see results over night.  I would say for each major change you make to a site, you should give it at least 6 to 8 weeks before deciding whether the change worked or not.  If you try these three ideas all at the same time, I’m sure at the end of six months time you will have a whole new perspective on SEO.

4 responses to “SEO – Search Engine Optimization and Breaking Barriers

  1. Good points. I think the best way to learn seo is to do is hands on although there is plenty of room for training or else I’m wasting my time blogging.

  2. I agree. I think you need to know the basics about SEO first.

  3. Thanks for these basic pointers. I’ve been reading a number of articles on SEO and starting to fog over. I’m developing a new business (web based ) to be launched sometime next year and have initiated a blog (engenios) as my pre-marketing tool.

    I’ve read an article about initially budgeting for PPC (payperclick) to drive traffic and get a page rank built up… this a sound approach?



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