osCommerce Using Search Engine Safe / Friendly URL’s

I am currently working with oscommerce 2.2 and have search engine safe url’s set to false.  But also have “force cookie use” to true, and feel comfortable that all of our unlocked phone product pages are being indexed by the main 3 search engines.  I have only checked google, yahoo, and msn thus far.  

There is one issue I have found so far, setting up cookies / sessions in this way does not allow you to use the default authorize.net module.  Something to do with session information not being passed.  Not that big of deal I guess, since the default module doesn’t have form field for the CVV code for credit cards transactions, which is a necessity these days.   I am currently testing this contribution ( Authorize Net AIM module (GPL) )
and getting better results.  At least now I’m getting orders processed on both sites, ours, and authorize.net’s and customers getting returned to the appropriate page…More to test though….

Be sure to fix up your meta tags for the search engines too!

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