WesleysWireless.com – Listed #1 in MSN search results today

Over the last week I’ve been making WesleysWireless.com, an unlocked cell phone site more Search Engine Friendly.  To do this I had to use an osCommerce contribution that more appropriately changed my meta tags for each page, making them more relevant to the items displayed.    It’s been less than a week, and this site has gone from only listing one page when searching for “wesleyswireless.com” on msn, to listing many page, as well as being the first result displayed when searching for “unlocked cell phones” the most relevant search term for the site. 

I can’t say for sure that what I have done with the meta tags is the cause, there are several factors to consider.  First is the meta tag changes, which I thank the contributors of cDynamic Meta Tags v1.5 for osCommerce.  Second is this site / business is fairly new, and is just slowing working its way into the search indexes, and may have already been on track to be listed high in the return results.  Third, I have created a reciprocal links directory and have swapped some relevant links, and added the site to a small amount of cheap or free directories.  And last, I’ve created this blog and blogged about the site often.  Yes, all in the last week!  🙂

I can’t wait to see how google ranks this site on the next page rank update, which I am guessing will happen mid-oct 06.  I’m not sure when to expect if anything from yahoo, i’m not quite sure I understand their reasoning behind the search results returned there, but look forward to seeing this site somewhere on there soon. 

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