Real Estate Blogathon – 101 Blogs In 24 Hours

Are they crazy or is it just me?  Article brief with link to full story below.

select a stock to trade

Who will win the 24 hr blogathan?
Moreinfo Greg Swann   $73.80 $15.96
Moreinfo Ardell Dellaloggia   $26.20 $-15.96

market description

Taking up the challenge posed by Sellsius Real Estate, Greg the Phoenix Bloodhound takes on Ardell the Prolific Seattle Blogger in a race to see who can produce 101 cogent blog posts in a 24 hr period, beginning at 12:01am Tuesday Sep 26 and ending at midnight the same day.

Live coverage provided by Sellsius and The Property Monger.

Here’s how this market works:

The “price” of each “stock” – one for Greg and one for Ardell – reflects the market’s current consensus of who will win. The market starts at $50 each—ie. each has a 50% chance of winning…

 Full Article:

2 responses to “Real Estate Blogathon – 101 Blogs In 24 Hours

  1. thanks for coveing the story! we’re all very excited.


  2. Of Course!

    It would be great if you could add a link to my new Seattle Washington Real Estate Agent Blog and Resource site one day, I’ll return the favor of course.


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