Working with osCommerce milestone 2.2 day 2

Well I continued to work at making my meta tags more search engine friendly.  I found that cDynamic Meta Tags V1.5 is most beneficial for the product_info.php, and index.php pages.  Most other pages I believe would be best for your SEO’s if you manually went in and put the correct meta=title, desc, and  keywords.  Placing the cDynamic Meta tag code in all other php files that I tested only created generic meta tags which would be generically used site wide.    

Today I was able to finish up my links pages as well.  I did reinstall the files necessary to use Links Manager V1.14 and found that I was able to do most of what I needed.  By removing the click count, my reciprocal links now pointed to partner websites rather than a redirect page on my site.  I had some trouble, but with minor changes i was able to do almost everything I needed.   This tool is still not able to detect reciprocal links on partner websites.  I disabled this feature.  I wanted to manually review them anyway.  I still think this contribution is valuable.  Once you do approve of a link, all you have to do is click approve or disapprove in the admin panel rather than editing the code manually. 

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