Working with osCommerce milestone 2.2

Over the last few days I’ve spent some time with osCommerce 2.2.  I’ve been working on establishing a links directory, and dynamic meta tags rather than the default fixed meta tags.    I’ve found contributions for both of these as listed below.  I believe these additions are necessary for search engine optimizations.

For my meta tags I’ve decided to use: cDynamic Meta Tags v1.5,2895/ which seems to work okay with osCommerce milestone 2.2. It’s not perfect, but is easy to install and requires minor manual configuration changes.  Good if you don’t have all the time in the world to focus on optimizing each page of your catalog like most of us.  At this point I think it will do most of what is required to get the SEO benefits. 

For my links manager I installed: Links Manager V1.14,1256 which took a lot of manual file editing.  Unfortunately due to poor documentation, I’ve completely uninstalled this contribution thinking it wouldn’t do what I need, but later found out that it should.  However the first time around It couldn’t detect my test reciprocal links(which might have something to do with what is allowed by my web-host), but I’m not sure.  I would rather manually approve the links anyway to make sure I am linking to resources worthwhile to my customers.   I plan on giving it another go later this weekend.  It also appears not to link directly to partner websites, but yet redirects them using a redirect.php file.  I am not sure if google would frown upon this or not???

Also in osCommerce 2.2 the category page headings remain the same throught the site.  There doen’t appear to be a quick fix with the default installation.  Nothing in the admin control panel.  Hopefully there is as contribution or quick fix to make these pages more dynamic as well??   That’s the next major fix on my list, so I guess we’ll see.

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